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Bzak Landscaping is one of the largest suppliers of mulch in the area. All items are available for pick-up and delivery. There is a minimum of 3 yards, 30 bales, or 30 bags for delivery. Price for delivery is based on zip code and quantity of materials.

See our Why and How Much to Mulch article.


Natural Hardwood Mulch

Bzak Landscaping is one of the largest suppliers of mulch in the greater Cincinnati area. We feature and produce our own “Queen City Gold”, which is 100% natural hardwood mulch – no fillers – and almost black in color.

We produce over 500,000 yards of mulch per year!

Why Mulch?

Mulch is a great insulator for plants, and helps retain moisture around the root system. Because mulch is an organic product, it will decompose and should be replaced every year to a depth of 2″-4″.


Deliveries Available Monday – Saturday

Mulches can prevent loss of water from the soil by evaporation, suppresses weeds, and maintains a uniform soil temperature (keeps soil cool under sunlight and warm during winter). It also will reduce erosion, add nutrients to soil as it decomposes, and adds to the beauty of a landscape.


How Much Mulch Can My Vehicle Carry?

When picking up mulch in bulk, it is important to keep in mind not only how much volume of mulch your vehicle can carry, but also the weight of the load. We can assist in this area when you arrive.


How Much Mulch Do I Need for my Landscaping Project?

We can help you determine the amount you will need. And deliver fee just click the button below.

Mulch Dyed Black
Wood Chips
Bulk Material also available at our Newtown and Georgetown locations:

Our Newtown satellite location, and our Georgetown location, also sell bulk and bagged mulch, bulk topsoil, and palletized wall stone.

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