Why and How to Lay Mulch

Why and How to Lay Mulch


Mulch is a great insulator for plants, and helps retain moisture around the root system. Because mulch is an organic product, it will decompose and should be replaced every year to a depth of 2″-3″.


Mulch can prevent loss of water from the soil by evaporation, suppresses weeds, and it maintains a uniform soil temperature (keeps soil cool under hot sunlight and warm during winter). It also reduces erosion, adds nutrients to soil as it decomposes, and adds to the beauty of a landscape.


When mulching around plants and trees, it is important to stay away from the trunks of plants and trees at least two inches. Applying mulch that contacts the trunk can create problems such as disease, too much moisture, insects and other pests.


The type of mulch to use is a matter of personal choice. We offer single, double and triple-shredded hardwood mulch. Our double-shredded mulch (Queen City Gold) is by far the most popular, but we also offer it in three colors besides natural. Brown, black and red can add an interesting contrast against your property while accenting the colors of flowering plants. For an added convenience we will deliver and install your mulch. (Additional charges apply.) Bulk mulch, whether delivered or picked up by you is available year-round, since we manufacture our own products at our Round Bottom Road facility. For those who would rather have bagged mulch, it is available in double processed, as well as color enhanced black and red.


In addition to traditional hardwood mulches, we offer Cedar and Cypress mulch. These products are available in bags only. Cedar mulch is refreshingly aromatic, like the scent of a Cedar closet. Both Cedar and Cypress mulches are a lighter shade than our standard hardwood, with a pleasing “golden brown” color.


Pine bark mulch is available in bags only and give the landscaping a very “natural” look. This mulch comes in large and small nuggets along with pine bark mulch (small chips). The large nuggets take longer to decompose making them good for areas that may wash away easily or for pathways. Small pine bark nuggets can add a very woodsy look, such as a hosta bed. Pine bark mulch can be used in several ways. Pine bark mulch can be used to help amend the soil, as well as a standard mulch to help retain moisture and provide a weed barrier.


As an alternative to “all of the above”, we also sell Pine Straw Mulch (Pine Needles). “Pine Straw”, as it is commonly called was mostly used in Southern States. It has been gaining in popularity locally over the last few years and is useful on sloped surfaces where conventional mulch may wash downhill. The fine, long needles generally adhere better than conventional mulch. Sold by the bale, this is yet another choice you have when it comes to mulch.


TIP: Before mulching in the spring, it is a good idea to remove any leaves, twigs or other dead plant material from your beds to prevent re-infestation of any type of disease or harmful insects. Also, after removing these it’s a great idea to put down pre-emergent. Our Garden Center is stocked with pre-emergent for this purpose. Visit our Garden Center for best methods of application. This will help ensure that your beds will be healthier and more appealing in the spring.

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