Turf Applications

Turf Care


We are provide the best lawn and turf maintenance. Bzak Landscaping is a leader in lawn and turf maintenance, design, innovation and craftsmanship. If you looking for turf applications for your home or business Bzak goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

  • Turf Applications
  • Our turf program is a proven winner and we are proud to offer this service as part of the complete package.
  • Turf Applications are as follows:
    • Late winter/early spring: Pre-Emergent Herbicide and Fertilizer
    • Late spring: Pre-Emergent with spot treatments for existing weeds.
    • Early summer: Broadleaf and Fertilizer with spot treatments.
    • Late fall: Fertilizer for overwintering and root growth.
  • An additional Insecticide application is offered and incorporated as necessary.
  • These services are priced based on square footage and are different for each individual property.
Our services are as follows: (click one to read more):

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