Plant Delivery

Plant Delivery & Installation

Plant Delivery and Installation

Bzak Garden Center at our main location offers delivery and installation of most plants/trees purchased in the Garden Center. Our Delivery and Installation team is well educated on the proper installation which includes hole dimensions, soil amendments, sun exposures, and root starters needed to ensure your plant will survive any initial shock and thrive. Installation is offered with a warranty, so that your purchase/investment is protected for up to one year. Please click here to view the Plant Warranty Policy.

The Warranty Policy requires customers to follow these guidelines for proper plant care.

Rule of Thumb (for established plants): 1 inch of water per week. Newly planted and container grown plants will require more.

Use Mulch: Apply a 2”-3” layer of mulch around the plant (but keep away from the trunk). Do not over apply. More is not better.

Use a Hose: Sprinklers are not effective in providing adequate water to the area where plants need it. Sprinklers are OK for lawns but usually not for watering plants.

Use a Rain Gauge: This will make you more aware of actual rainfall in your landscape (not at the airport) and how much you need to water.

Use Your Head: Remember that high temperatures cause higher rates of evaporation and plants transpire (sweat) more in higher temperatures.

Use a Ross Root Feeder: This is an excellent tool to provide water and fertilizer to larger trees and shrubs directly to the root zone especially during the dry periods.

Use a Gator Bag: Simple but effective tool to provide slow watering to trees.

Use Organic Matter: Compost, soil conditioners, etc. greatly enhance a soil’s ability to hold water. Probably the most important thing you can do for your soil.

Drought damage is irreversible and many times evidence of drought damage will often not show up until it is too late to do anything about it – sometimes symptoms will not show until the following year – especially with Evergreens.

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