Got Mulch? Why Mulching is so Important.

Got Mulch? Why Mulching is so Important.

To mulch or not to mulch? That is the question. And it’s a great question at that. We hear it all of the time and are hoping that this question will be answered. Mulch, in general, is always a good idea. But why? Read on the see the full picture.

Mulch helps with temperature control

Mulch can actually help to insulate the soil in your garden and flower beds. It serves as a buffer from hot and cold temperatures. It keeps roots consistently cool in the hot summer months and warmer in the early cool months. Without mulch plants can sometimes be exposed to extreme temperatures which is never good thing for delicate plants.

Mulch regulates water

Mulch is a great retainer of water which can help keep the roots moist. In fact, mulch can actually retain up to 70% more water in soil than a bed that is un-mulched. Because mulch creates a shield from the sun it can prevent evaporation. It can also help reduce water run-offs during rainy days or during water.

Mulch promotes overall soil health

Natural mulch vastly boosts biological activity in the soil by providing organisms and worms with food while stopping nutrients from leaching out of the soil. It can also help to bind sandier soils and open up hard clay soils. Erosion can sometimes be a problem from foot traffic on pathways and play areas and mulch helps prevent this.

It looks great!

At the end of the day mulch just looks great! Mulch helps to give your lawn and garden areas a clean and polished look. And because there are so many types and colors of mulch you can customize the mulched areas to your exact design style and preference!

Learn more about mulch

We have a bunch of useful tools on our site that can help you get your lawns mulched in no time. Tools like our bulk material calculator, the types of mulches we carry, tutorials on the best ways to mulch and even info on how much your vehicle will be able to carry. Plus, more information to get you going. You can also call us directly for more information about anything related to mulch.