Regular Straw & Pine Straw for Cincinnati

Regular Straw:
Clean, dry and ready to use.
$9.50 per bale

Pine Straw:
Used for a long time in the south, pine straw mulch is starting to catch on in our area.


Advantages of using pine straw for mulch:

Attractive appearance and it’s resistance to washing away

No dirty residue or unpleasant odor

Lightweight, easily rolled bales reduce labor

Retains all natural, auburn color up to six months

Minimizes occurrence of molds, fungus, insects and rodents

Retains essential moisture without becoming soggy or muddy

How Much Will I Need?


We can help you determine the amount you will need for your landscaping Cincinnati Ohio project. Use our material calculations page to calcuate needed material. Stop by our garden centers in Cincinnati to purchase everything you need for your home or business garden projects.

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