Natural Stone


Eagle True: 1-2″ Thick – Sizes Vary

Buff to Gray

Glacier Gray: 1-2″ Thick, Sizes Vary

Dark Gray

Oakfield: 1-2″ Thick, Sizes Vary

Gray, Tan

Wisconsin (Fond Du Lac): 1-2″ Thick, Sizes Vary

White, Gray

Wall Stone

Eagle Limestone: 3″ Thick

Buff to Gray Patina Hues

Canyon Gray Limestone: 3″ Thick


Glacier Gray Limestone: 2″ Thick

Dark Gray

Glacier Gray Limestone: 3-4″ Thick

Dark Gray

Natural Fieldstone: 2-4″ Thick

Brown w/ Red and Tan Hues

Pocono Blend: 2-4″ Thick

Blend of Buff, Brown, Green & Gray

Laurel Mountain: 2-4″ Thick

Tan w/ Brown and Rust Accents

Red Fieldstone: 2-6″ Thick

Maroon w/ Deep Red and Gray Shades

Wall Stone

Pennsylvania Tumbled

Tumbled Blue Stone

Cut Wall

Eagle: 2″ and 6″ Thick

Buff, Gray, Patina Hues Snapped Faced

Canyon Gray Limestone: 4-6″ Thick

Gray w/ Buff & Olive Tones Snapped Faced

Elliot Tumbled Limestone: Tumbled 3” and 6” Thickness

Gray and Buff


Eagle 4″


Canyon Gray 5″


Belgium Block: Granite 5″x5″x9″

Salt and Pepper


Canyon Gray Large: 3-5″ Thick

Light Gray

Eagle Large: 3-5″ Thick


Canyon Gray Jumbo: 3-5″ Thick

Light Gray

Eagle Jumbo: 3-5″ Thick


Glacier Gray 2″ Large: 2″ Thick


Oakfield 1 – 2 1/4″ Thick

Gray, Tan

Pennsylvania Full Color: 2-4″ Thick

Deep to Light Blues, Gray, Brown Lilac

Tennessee Variegated Sandstone: 2″ Thick

Buff, Rust, Brown and Gray

Tennessee Variegated Sandstone: 1-1.5″ Thick

Buff, Rust, Brown and Gray

Tennessee Gray Sandstone: 2″ Thick


Lilac: 2-3″ Thick


Laurel Mountain: 2-4ft. Long and Depth of 2-4″

Rust, Orange, and Brown

Wisconsin (Fond Du Lac) 1- 2 1/4″ Thick

White, Gray


Pennsylvania Tumbled: 2″ Thick

Light Gray


Eagle Rustic Buff: 5”-12+” Thick

Buff with Slight Gray and Rust Hues

Canyon Gray Limestone: 4”-12+” Thick

Gray with Buff and Olive Hues


Granite: All Sizes Available from 10” to 5ft.

Range from Buff, Gray, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Brown

Moss: All Sizes Available from 1-5ft.

Grays and Earth Tones

River Boulders: Softball to Basketball Sizes

Tan to Brown

Autumn Red: Various Sizes

Dark Red

White Marble: Various Sizes

Sparkling White

Zebra: Sized at 2-3ft.

Black W/ Spatters of White Accents

Floral Pink: 2-3ft.

Sparkling Pink and White

Picture Rock

Reds and Earth Tones

Salt and Pepper

Gray and white speckled


Canyon Gray Snapped: 5- 6” Thick, 20″ Depth: 3ft. Step

Gray Hues

Canyon Gray Snapped: 5- 6” Thick, 20″ Depth: 4ft. Step

Gray Hues

Elliot Limestone Sawn: Rock Faced 6” Thick, 18″ Depth: 3ft. Step

Light Gray and Tan

Tennessee Variegated Sawn: 18″ Depth: 3ft. and 4ft. Step

Tan and Pink

Canyon Gray Natural Steps: 6″ Thick


Eagle Natural Steps: 4-6″ Thick



Canyon Gray 3 Piece Bench Kit

Gray Hues

Tennessee Variegated: 3 Piece Kits Tans and Pink Hues 4ft.


Tennessee Variegated: 3 Piece Kits Gray Hues 4ft.


Eagle Bench Rustic Buff: 15″ to 18″ Height

Buff, Orange, Red

Eagle Bench Beige: 3 Piece Kits 18″ to 20″ inch Height


Canyon Tan: 25″ Height


Canyon Gray: 15” Bench


Eagle Rustic Buff: 11 – 16” Height

Buff, Orange, Red

Specialty Stone

Kewanee Skippers: 4-8″ Size

Multi-Colored Pinks, Reds, Grays, Browns and Buff

Kewanee Round: 4-8″ Size, We Offer Round & Flat Shapes

Multi-Colored Pinks, Reds, Grays, Browns  and Buff

Kewanee Flats 6”- 12” x 1”-3”

Multi-Colored Pinks, Reds, Grays, Browns  and Buff

Kewanee Cobbles 6”- 12” x 4”-6”

Multi-Colored Pinks, Reds, Grays, Browns and Buff

Bagged Gravel And Sand

Mexican Beach Pebbles: 2-4″ Size and Round in Shape

Blues and Grays


Aubrey Gold Ledge
Boyleston Blend Ledge
Canterbury Castle
Canterbury Mosaic
Elkhart Mountain Castle
Elkhart Mountain Mosaic
Sherbrooke Castle
Shillington Ledge
Sullivan Grey Ledge
Tredmont Castle
Tredmont Ledge
Wentworth Ledge