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    Design and Build Your Own Landscape

    by Administrator 15. October 2013 13:57

    Bzak can help you design and build your own custom landscape design! So where do you start?

    We'd suggest starting by looking at sample landscape design ideas both within our portfolio gallery and by doing a simple internet search for even more ideas.

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    After looking through the portfolios and galleries, we suggest writing down every design element you liked and then comparing it to your own property. Separate the list into "needs" and "wants" and set up a minimum and maximum budget.

    Consider these elements when setting up a landscape design plan:

    • Do you want a family patio where everyone can gather and eat?
    • Do your children need a play space?
    • If you have a pool, do you need a re-design of the poolside area?
    • Do you need an area with more shade?
    • What do you want as the "focal point" of the design?
    Here are some general tips:
    • Start small. Watch and/or read blogs, home & garden magazines, and consult a landscaping design company.
    • Keep an open mind, and don't choose something on a whim. If you do that, you might fall out of love with it and begin hating it after a while.
    • Stay within budget.
    • Realize that landscape design does take some work. Even after it's installed, you're going to either have the landscaping company do regular maintenance, or have to devote a good amount of time re-potting, watering, laying down mulch, etc.