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    How to Save a Dying Plant

    by Administrator 4. June 2013 16:16

    Is your precious plant dying and you want to know how to save it? Look no further. Below we've provided several tips on how to save your dying plant - don't lose hope yet.

    • Make sure it's getting enough water. Every plant needs a different amount of water. Are you watering it too much, or not enough? If you know the name of your plant, try looking up how much water it needs daily or weekly. Feel free to visit our garden center if you have any questions about watering a specific plant.
    • Make sure it's not getting too much or not enough shade. Some plants need indirect sunlight, while others enjoy a multitude of sunlight (and require it to grow).
    • Check for discolored leaves. "Discolored" can mean a number of colors - but dark brown or yellow leaves are usually not a good sign. While it depends on the type plant itself, try to match the color of the plant when you got it to the color it is now. 
    • Re-pot the plant if it doesn't have enough room to grow. If the plant is leaning or outgrowing its pot, it will need re-potted immediately.
    • Prune the plant if it needs it. Pruning, when done correctly, can remove harmful or dead leaves and branches. We wrote a blog on pruning; you can find it here.
    • Add a specialty fertilizer if nothing else is working. (Miracle Grow is a popular choice.) Check out our Garden Center for a number of options.