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    Shade Friendly Plants and Flowers

    by Administrator 20. May 2013 15:07

    Plants and Flowers that Grow Well in the Shade

    If you have a shady backyard garden covered with bushes and trees don’t fear: we’ve put together a list of colorful plants and flowers that thrive in the shade. Keep in mind that most of these plants and flowers actually do like the shade more than the sun—don’t put them in direct sunlight.

    1. Amethyst flower – a star-shaped annual flower that can take on the colors of purple, blue or even white. These flowers fit well in hanging baskets and love filtered sunlight or shady locations.

    2. Begonia – a vibrant-colored flower that will spruce up any garden. This flower grows best in rich, moist soil and of course, in the shade.

    3.Creeping Jenny – this perennial plant has burgeoning round leaves and looks great as an accent to flowers in a hanging basket. It’s very easy to grow as long as it has filtered sunlight to help it expand.

    4. Flowering Maple – this shrub has ‘maple’ in its name for a reason: it resembles maple leaves. Partial shade is recommended for this plant. It can thrive in even the hottest temperatures.

    5. Garden Hydrangea – a huge flowering shrub that resembles several clumped flowers to create the illusion of a ball. Make sure that you have enough space to let the garden hydrangea grow – it’ll need it.

    6. Meadow Rue – this beautiful yet small flower flows down like it’s going to kiss the earth. It thrives in the shade and will start blooming in the summertime.

    7. Persian Shield – an exotic shrub that cascades out much like a fern and comes in many different colors. The Persian shield is great as an accent plant.

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     Above: Hydrangea