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    Good Mulch Features

    by Administrator 17. April 2013 11:39

    Introduction to Mulch

    The main purpose of mulch is to provide an environment that will insulate plants and retain moisture around the roots, which in turn promotes healthy growth. Mulch can also fight weeds by suppressing them and help maintain a constant and even temperature for soil. It even adds plant nutrition and reduces erosion. Mulch must be replaced at least once a year.

    What to Look for in Mulch

    Ideally, mulch will be:

           ·         Cost efficient, especially when dealing with larger quantities

           ·         Easy to spread

           ·         Simple to remove

           ·         Moisture retentive 

           ·         Stationary

           ·         Nutritious

           ·         Free of noxious chemicals, insects, and diseases

    Good mulch also creates the ideal environment described earlier; one where plants can not only survive, but can thrive.

    Mulch Tips

          1.       There are reasons why you wouldn’t want to add plastic tarp to your mulch and plant environment. The reason being, the tarp will add even more heat to the garden in the warm spring and summer days – possibly to a level that would be fatal for plant life.

          2.       If extra insulation is need, it’s important to know that certain materials insulate more effectively than others.  Organic materials such as straw, pine needles, and wood chips are all effective for insulating and creating blankets in the winter. It’s also important to note that these materials could slow soil warming if left on when the warmer days come, which is why you should change your mulch at least once a year.

          3.       Plastic blocks entry of water into the soil, but it also blocks the evaporation of water from the soil.

          4.       Synthetic (also called mineral) mulches don’t give any organic benefits to soil, but organic mulch can contribute weed seeds and diseases; therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the contents in both synthetic and organic mulches.

    Our Mulch

    Bzak Landscaping is one of the largest suppliers of mulch, and we carry several different types. Our mulch is available for both pick-up and delivery.  Check out our mulch page for more information.

    Also check out our “when and how to mulch” FAQ article for more information on related topics.