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    Nursery Selection

    by Administrator 11. April 2013 14:33

    Some questions you should ask when selecting a nursery are as follows:

    • What is the overall value for the price?
    • Does the nursery carry a variety of non-standard plant material?  
    • Is the plant quality consistent as the weeks go by?
    • Are the plants pruned properly?
    • Is the root ball properly dug and tied?
    • Does the plant display appropriate vigor?
    • Does the plant meet ANA standards?
    • Are trees grown regionally or are they shipped from outside our region (i.e. the south?)
    • How knowledgeable/professional is the sales staff?
    • What is product availability in the summer and fall? Does it look “fresh” or “tired”?
    • Is new product available throughout fall and into winter or are you forced to take what’s left over?  

    About Bzak: Other Products and Services we Offer

    • Full service (all-season) site maintenance; including turf mowing and maintenance, bed and plant maintenance, spring and fall cleanup, spring and fall annual installation and maintenance
    • Custom landscape design & installation
    • Hardscape design & installation – patio walkways, driveways and patios, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and more
    • Retention wall design and installation
    • Water feature design and installation, including waterfalls, ponds, rock bubblers, and more
    • Irrigation (sprinkler) system design and installation
    • Bulk products, including mulches, gravel and aggregates, soil and blends, compost, rock
    • Bagged products, including mulches, soil and amendments, salt & calcium chloride
    • Snow removal