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Bzak offers wholesale accounts for Cincinnati landscapers and business owners to buy landscape supplies at wholesale prices.

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Call Bzak today with your company information to get set up with a wholesale landscape account with Bzak landscaping. You will get your login and password information to enable your wholesale pricing and access.

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Learn more about wholesale at Bzak by contacting our Wholesale Garden Centers - David Evers 513-470-9411 or by emailing us at devers@bzak.com.

Wholesale Landscape Supplier

Why choose Bzak as your wholesale supplier?


We are proud of our relationships with our suppliers and customers. We believe these relationships must be based on mutual respect and honesty. This is foundational to everything else we do.

Wholesale Landscape Materials

Our long-term experience has taught us that quality must be second only to our relationships with our customers. We will not sacrifice quality for price or production and we believe we owe our success to this principal.


Because of our experience and relationships with so many growers we are able to provide consistently high quality plant material and Ohio mulch from sources not necessarily available to other wholesalers. We are not "bound" to any growers due to corporate mandate or obligations to buy from our own farms. Ask any current customer about the selection of landscape material available at Bzak and you will quickly learn that we are the place to find the unusual.


Considering the many alternatives available to you we realize we must be proactive rather than reactive and provide a "whatever it takes" attitude. Special orders and direct shipments are not a problem.


Our unique structure and resources allows us to react more quickly to the changing needs of our customers.


Our reputation for locating and providing top-quality plant material is well-known and unchallenged within our industry. We invite you to speak with our current customers and growers.


We have our own fleet of vehicles with the capability to deliver landscape material to you of any size and number. Teledyne service is also available with delivery to unload/move plant or stone material to your job site at an additional charge.

Set up a wholesale account today!

If you are interested in learning more about wholesale landscape accounts at Bzak, please contact David Evers at 513-470-9411 or devers@bzak.com.


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