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    Air Quality & Houseplants

    by Administrator 6. September 2013 15:41

    Achieve Cleaner Air Quality With Your Houseplants

    Unfortunately, everything that's outside in the air can get into your home and pollute it through open doors, windows and even the ventilation system. Not only that, but new linens, carpet, cleaning supplies and other chemicals used in the manufacturing of many common household products seep into your home every single day - and many times they do it without your knowing it. Even something as simple as unbagging your dry cleaning can (and probably will) expose you to harmful chemicals.  These chemicals are referred to as Volative Organic Chemicals (VOCs), and they are a part of the air pollution that exists inside the home. Thankfully, there are things you can do to combat the chemically-produced environment we all live in.

    One of those things is to invest in a number of "clean air" household plants. Research has been done by NASA to indicate that the "antidote" to many of the unhealthy VOCs are household plants because they soak them up, break them down and use them for food. So, essentially, the plants will take the harmful chemicals away and use them productively.

    Choosing Houseplants, Placing Houseplants

    To avoid VOCs, put 2-3 houseplants into 8-10 inch planters and place them every 100 square feet. If you place 4-5 houseplants and double that amount, you can breathe fresher air within just a week's time. A "breathing zone" is considered 6-8 cubic foot around where a person sits, and the plants should be placed within the breathing zone.

    Some plants that help us breathe better include:

    • Lady palm
    • English ivy
    • Boston fern
    • Corn plant
    • Weeping fig
    • Janet Craig dracaena
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