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    Low Maintenance Plants

    by Administrator 13. May 2013 13:30

    Top 5 Plants that Require Little Maintenance and are Hard to Kill

    Gardeners are faced with many challenges to keep plants and flowers sprouting and healthy – droughts, floods, animals, insects and frost can all get in the way. While a dying plant can sometimes not be avoided, there are a few plants that seem to last through almost anything – and they’re beautiful, too!

    1.      Cosmos. These flowers are big & beautiful, and last pretty much year-round. They can even grow up to six feet tall. Cosmos is an annual flower.

    2.      Daylily. Daylilies are classic flowers that can live through drought, flooding, and fluctuation in temperature. They're also very easy to grow and seed. These flowers can do well in the sun or partial shade.

    3.      Lavender. This flower is very drought-resistant, and is said to help with restlessness. Lavender is known for its fragrant scent and stunning purple color.

    4.      Moss Rose. Not only is this flower easy to grow and care for, but it’s also drought-resistant. Moss Rose comes in a large variety of vibrant colors and is an annual, meaning it’ll bloom from summer through fall.

    5.      Hosta. Hosta is easy to grow in the shade and is inexpensive. Although they aren’t drought-resistant, they are hard to kill. Be careful to not over-water them. Hosta is an elegant, low maintenance flower.