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    The Bzak Difference

    by Administrator 28. August 2012 12:52

    Why Choose Bzak?


    Plant Quality

    Our long-term experience has taught us that plant quality must be second only to our relationships with our customers. We will not sacrifice quality for price or production and we believe we owe our success to this principle.



    We are proud of our relationships with our suppliers and customers. We believe these relationships must be based upon mutual respect and honesty. This is the foundation to everything else we do.



    Because of our experience and relationships with so many growers, we are able to provide high quality plants from sources not necessarily available to other nurseries. We are not "bound" to any growers due to corporate mandate. 



    Considering the many alternatives available to you, we realize we must be proactive rather than reactive. We provide a "whatever it takes" attitude. We maintain flexibility, and that flexability allows us to fulfill that commitment.



    Our independent structure and resources allow us to react more quickly to the changing needs of our customers.         



    Our reputation for locating and providing top-quality plant material is well-known and unchallenged within our industry. We invite you to speak with our current and past customers. With impressive reviews and ratings on the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List websites, you can choose Bzak Landscaping and Garden Center with confidence.



    We have our own fleet of vehicles with the capability to deliver plant material to you of any size and number.


    Supply Chain: "From the Grower to You"

    It is important for you, the customer, to understand this vital background step.  


    Regional Buying Practices

    Except for "west coast" items, we buy primarily from the tri-state region. We only select growers who have proven to bring the best quality plants at the most affordable price. We won't award our business "across the board" to any one grower. Rather, we select a grower based upon how well he grows each individual plant and we reject any plant material delivered to us which we deem to be sub-standard.


    Our Cultural Care Practices

    While at our nursery, all plant materials are monitored regularly. Since almost all of our ball and burlap plant material is heeled-in, we believe it endures much less stress than in above-ground storage. The plant must be kept in optimum health while in our care. We will re-burlap any plant which requires it prior to loading.



    There simply is no substitute

    Our buyers/nursery managers have spent their entire careers in various facets of the nursery business. With combined work experience of nearly fifty years, working towards a complete transformation of nursery operations, our managers have accomplished improvements in personnel, plant materials, pricing, cultural care, buying practices, and operating systems.