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    Types of Mulch-How They Are Sold

    by Administrator 27. July 2015 10:59

    When buying new mulch for your yard it is important to make sure you understand what you’re buying and how much you will need. At Bzak our team of experts is here to help you pick out the mulch you’re picturing in you head.

    Mulch comes in multiple shades, colors and textures.  When choosing the color of your mulch you’re going to want to pick something that will compliment the color of your home and go well with the plants and landscaping that are in place.

    Our mulch is available in dyed color options such as black, brown or red.  On the other hand we have natural colors like cedar and oak. Along with a variety of colors, there are options on the size of your mulch which can be determined by shredding it once, twice, three times or even wood chips.

    To get some ideas flowing, our portfolio page exhibits many mulching and other landscaping jobs Bzak has done in the greater Cincinnati area.  It’s a great way to get the process started, and to find certain things you like and dislike.

    Once you decide on the color and size of your mulch the next step is to figure out how much you need. At Bzak you have a couple of options when ordering. We have bagged mulch that is 2 cubic feet and a yard of mulch that is 27 cubic feet, or 14 bags.  We do wholesale too!  Call us today or visit our garden center to identify your needs for color, texture and quantity, and bring your yard to life with some fresh mulch! 


    Front Lawn Landscaping

    by Administrator 23. June 2015 10:58

    It’s summer again and it’s time to give your yard the curb appeal it had when you first fell in love with your home.  There are several ways to do this, and make your yard a pleasure to pass by every morning. Putting in sprinklers to maintain that vibrant green grass, maintenance of shrubbery and plants, and even the creation of landscaping designs are possible from your friends here at Bzak.

    Nothing makes a home beautiful like a well landscaped yard. Adding manicured shrubs, bright and colorful flowers will add a unique pop of contrast to your yard that your neighbors will envy. Our experienced team can help design a complete layout for your yard and combine the best color scheme to make the colors of your house pop and blend together with the plants you put in.

    Along with bright flowers it is important to keep your lawn healthy and green. We provide sprinkler installations to keep your lawn hydrated and that bright green color that everyone strives for. We also have treatment services such as fertilizers to help prevent weeds, and ensure that the lawn lives up to its full potential. In the midst of summer we all know how fast that grass can grow.  Our mowing services keep it well manicured, so that you don’t have to worry about it!

    If you’d like to go above and beyond, adding landscaping stones and walls can give depth and an earthy feel to your yard that most people only see in the magazines.

    The best part of our jobs is making peoples visions come to life by making a front lawn, backyard, or the entire yard truly one of a kind.  Your yard is a representation of you, so why not make it the best!  To get an idea of what we can do, take a look at our portfolio.

    We look forward to the opportunity of turning part of your home into your own little piece of paradise!


    Landcaping Stone Patios-Walls-Stairs

    by Administrator 29. April 2015 09:32

     It’s that time of year again, the great season that is spring! This means it’s time to get your landscaping back to its prime condition. Spruce up your yard by adding landscaping stones and some new shrubs from our Garden Center, and set your yards landscape apart from the neighbors.

    At Bzak, we have a top-notch landscaping team that completes our full service company and will surely exceed your expectations. Our design team is able to create stone paths, retaining walls, steps, and any other types of designs you may be imagining with natural landscaping stones straight from our garden center.  From Pavestone, to Reading Rock, we’ve got it!  We will send our team out to the site and plan out a whole design for you to see, and you can customize it however you would like by choosing from our Garden Center’s inventory.

    The Garden Center carries products that you can’t always find at the normal garden or home improvement store. We are known for our unique inventory and the array of products we carry including: plants, trees, mulch, stones, gravel, fertilizers, treatments, and much more!

    If you enjoy yard-work, our garden center has everything you’ll need to do it yourself!  If you’d rather let someone do it for you, you know who to call.  Our professionals can help you either way.  Get in touch with us if you have any questions, and learn more on our main website.


    Patio Landscaping

    by Administrator 27. October 2014 14:53

    Fall is upon us, and to us here at Bzak that means it’s bonfire season. We offer custom patio stonework and design, where we can make your ideal bonfire pit a reality. By building a patio now, you can fully enjoy fall, and waste no time organizing get together’s and bonfires on your new patio in the spring!

    Our patios are truly customized to enhance its surrounding areas, and provide a tasteful addition to your home.  We work with you to create the patio of your dreams. You can choose the color of your stone or brick, along with styles.  The collaborative effort between you and our designers will result in a patio that will provide lasting memories for years to come.

    Aside from custom built patios that start from scratch, we can add on to decks and pathways.  We often encounter clients that currently have patios, but are unhappy with them.  In this case we offer a complete tear-out and new patio installation.  We’ve learned that everyone’s situation is unique, and we’re well equipped to tackle the problem.

    If you’d like to learn in greater detail about what we can do, visit our patio and stonework page.   Also, we want you to be confident in the work we provide. View the Bzak testimonials page to see what our clients say about our work. You can find our phone number on our contact page, where you can call us for a custom quote. We look forward to working with you!


    Quality Landscaping & Property Value

    by Administrator 15. August 2014 12:17

    Increasing Your Property Value With Quality Landscaping

    If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your home, professional landscaping services is a great place to start. Here at Bzak we want your home to look its absolute best, and if that happens to make your home worth more, then all the better. Before you start planning a new landscape design for your yard, there are few things that you’ll want to keep in mind during the process.

    Function Over Form

    As you’re considering landscaping, it’s best that you choose something that is functional. While we want you to have a design that you love, you also have to bear in mind that you want a landscape design that potential buyers will enjoy and love just as much as you do. Think about the present as well as the future when deciding on landscaping services. Here at Bzak we also realize that some homeowners associations also have strict rules when it comes to landscaping, so be sure to see if there are any stipulations that you need to adhere to.

    The Essentials

    There are a few basics that you’ll want to be sure you include with your landscape design in order to truly improve the value of your home. We recommend that you plant a few trees on your property. Trees are great for:

    ·         Absorbing CO2 and promoting climate change

    ·         Shading your home in the summer and acting as a windbreak in the winter

    ·         Absorbing storm water runoff and keeping pollutants from local waterways

    Including a few native plants should also be part of your landscaping design. Not only can native plants boost your home’s value, they can also help local wildlife, such as butterflies, birds and other animals looking to roost. Landscaping services that include rain gardens are a great way to help prevent your basement from flooding during rainy weather.


    For more tips on landscaping and more information about how landscaping can improve the value of your home, get in touch with us here at Bzak Landscaping.  


    Landscape Design

    by Administrator 23. July 2014 08:37

    The Value of Proper Landscape Design

    Throughout our many years of experience, we here at Bzak Landscape Design & Landscaping Services have worked on countless landscaping projects throughout the Cincinnati area. In that time we have assisted many clients with landscape design, which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for a homeowner. Certainly there have been homeowners who have come to us with wonderfully detailed plans that were prepared to be executed, but in most cases our clients only have an outline of what they want out of their project.

    Bring Life to Your Personal Ideas

    For the homeowner, the difficult part of design is thoroughly explaining what you want or putting it down on paper. This is where we are able to assist you, as our landscape design experts can bring life to your ideas and concepts, and can even give you a detailed plan that gives you an idea of what the finished project will look like.

    Optimize Space

    Employing our landscape design experts also ensures that the space in your yard is optimized so that it achieves the goal that you have set for it. Optimal use means that your yard is not just crammed with landscape architecture, but rather that the landscaping that we do is able to be useful and aesthetically pleasing all at once.

    Opportunity to Provide Input


    Throughout the landscaping design process, you will have the opportunity to provide input on the direction of the design. We do not expect you to simply turn over creative control of your project to us. We feel it is important that the project is more of a collaborative process, as we will take your suggestions and implement them into the design. Ultimately, we have found that operating in this way ensures that our customers are always happy with the end result. If you are interested in any of our services, please feel free to give us a call at 513-831-0907. We would love to get started on your design project as soon as possible. 


    Flagstone Patio and Backyard Landscaping

    by Administrator 23. May 2014 14:42

    The Functional, Long-Lasting Beauty of the Flagstone Patio

    From rustic winding walkways to functional backyard hardscapes, the flagstone patio has long been a landscaping favorite--and for good reason. This natural stone has an organic beauty suited to contemporary as well as classic backyard design. While the stones themselves can be tricky to work with, when properly installed and sealed they can be impressively durable: resistant to rain and flooding damage as well as extreme freezing and hot weather conditions.

    The Perfect Solution for Practical Patio Spaces

    Natural durability, easy maintenance, and an effortlessly blended aesthetic makes the flagstone patio ideal for a variety of outdoor spaces. They are particularly welcome in areas that need to be able to accommodate high traffic and varied use. While wooden decks often need constant seasonal staining, careful rot and termite protection, and can pose serious fire hazard risks for backyard barbecues and fire pits, flagstone landscaping is easy to preserve and holds up well under constant use. Other backyard benefits of flagstone include:

    • A naturally textured surface that creates superior traction
    • Natural resistance to staining when well sealed
    • Reduced issues with water pooling and damage
    • Easy spot repair for patios, walkways, and drives

    No Substitute for Professional Experience

    Prior to installation flagstone can be quite difficult to work with. It is a good idea to employ the aid of professional landscapers who have experience with this heavy and often awkward material. Having your flagstone patio professionally installed will also ensure that your new backyard space is completely level, fully weatherized, and perfectly laid out. At Bzak Landscaping we can help you to design and install the perfect patio for your unique backyard space, complementing your existing home and landscaping.

    Creating Your New Backyard Retreat

    Whether you are looking to transform your current backyard space or you would like to get your next construction project picture perfect, Bzak Landscaping can help you come up with a creative, functional, and long-lasting design as well as assist with every aspect of installation. Give us a call today to learn more about our unique approach to complete landscaping design and maintenance.


    What is a Hardscape?

    by Administrator 6. December 2013 14:24

    What is a Hardscape?

    When landscaping professionals mention a "hardscape," they're referring to the inanimate elements of the landscape. This can include woodwork, retaining walls, stone or brickwork, and other elements that aren't related to plant life (for example). It can even include the patio, deck, outside bar, water fountains... well, you get the idea. The landscape itself is sometimes referred to as the "softscape."

    Hardscapes aren't limited to residential projects. They can even refer to commercial sidewalks, roadways and other paved areas.

    About Bzak's Hardscape Services

    We offer one of the greatest selections of pavers and retaining wall material in the Cincinnati area! We use only the highest quality natural stone in the area. Whether you want to do it yourself or you want us to do it for you, count on us. We offer hardscape design, installation and the expert knowledge of our staff to make your project go smoothly. We'll work with you to make your hardscape a dream come true.

    We distribute pavestone and reading rock. We have the ability to deliver all materials for 400 square feet or less all in one truck. If you are interested in purchasing materials or patio or paver design work, please contact Jeff Sena at 513-831-0907 extension 222.




    Snow Removal Services

    by Administrator 26. November 2013 18:42

    Snow Removal Services in Cincinnati with Bzak

    We really do do it all... we even offer snow removal services. We plow driveways, patios and sidewalks (as well as commercial lots)!

    Even if there is a snow emergency in Cincinnati, we can come help. Snow removal is always a pain, but it doesn't have to be if you hire a snow removal service. We can usually come quite quickly after you call, and we will always let you know the estimated time of arrival.

    We can:

    • Shovel
    • Plow
    • Salt
    • Spread calcium chloride

    Snow Removal Services

    Don’t let the snow or ice keep you stuck inside, and don’t worry about straining your back from shoveling and plowing that heavy snow from your driveway. We want to help! Call us today to get a fast & easy snow removal quote, and remove one more stress from your life this winter and during the busy holiday season. We also sell calcium chloride at our garden center in Milford, directly north of Cincinnati. We are located at 931 Round Bottom Rd, right off of both 275 and route 50.

    Just a friendly reminder

    Many Hamilton County residents don't know that it's the Hamilton County homeowner’s responsibility to clear the snow and ice on the sidewalks in front of their property. If a person or persons get injured on the sidewalks, the homeowner can be found liable for the injury in court. If you're interested in reading more about this ordinance, please click here.


    Houseplants that Look Like Small Trees

    by Administrator 7. November 2013 10:32

    Indoor Plants that Look Like Small Trees + How to Care for Them (A Guide)

    Indoor Palms

    In case you didn't know, indoor palm trees are one of the most popular (if not the most popular) type of houseplant around the world. They look majestic and add a look of flair to your apartment or home. When you go to buy a palm at a garden center, make sure you choose one that looks (and is!) healthy. Avoid palms with dead leaves, hints of stunted growth, and musty-smelling palms. You'll also want to check underneath the leaves for bugs (including the small "dots" that sometimes scatter across leaves... those are spider mites.) Avoid palms that have damaged leaves, or leaves that have holes in them. Finally, look at the roots. If they are coming out of the bottom of the pot, that's fine. That's simply a sign that it's still growing and will need repotted soon. 


    Another extremely popular choice is the indoor ficus. The ficus is a tropical plant, but can grow indoors. They can survive in low light conditions, but will thrive in full sunlight. Once you move the ficus to its primary location, don't move it again; this can cause the plant to lose its leaves. It should receive 12-13 hours of sunlight every single day. Purchase a plant light for use in the fall and winter. If leaves do show signs of browning, snip the twig off right away. When watering the ficus be sure to water it thoroughly and then wait until it's dry on the top inch of its soil before watering again. Watering a damp plant can lead to over-watering.


    The dracaena is a beautiful houseplant that can tolerate low lighting and low humidity. Not only that, but if you miss a day of watering, it will forgive you (just don't do it often!) Ideally, place the plant in moderate indirect sunlight and water it when the topsoil is dry. Fertilize the dracaena with a regular liquid houseplant fertilizer, and mix it according to instructions on package Fertilize it every two weeks in spring and summer, and every month in fall & winter.