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    Summer Watering: Plants, Shrubs and Trees

    by Administrator 25. July 2016 13:38

    Now that we are definitely into the heat of summer, our most important landscape chore is making sure plants are getting enough water. As a general rule, most trees, shrubs, and perennials need about an inch of water a week the whole first season (until the ground freezes) after they are planted.  If we don’t get at least an inch of rain a week, we need to water. Even established plantings need to be watered during dry spells. Annuals planted in containers need even more water and may need to be watered every day.

    Water bags are a great way to irrigate trees.  We carry tall bags as well as the “donuts” that can be used for evergreens and other low-branched trees.

    Current research indicates that newly planted trees and shrubs should not be fertilized with granular fertilizer, but root stimulator is a great liquid product that contains a hormone that aids in the development of stronger root structure and promotes vigorous growth. Keep annuals thriving by adding Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster to your watering can once a week.

    Try to take time to walk around your yard and enjoy your landscaping.  If you notice anything that looks unhealthy or unusual, please give the experts at Bzak a call.  There are usually some simple remedies if problems are caught soon enough. Bring in a sample if possible and definitely cell phone photos. We carry a complete line of products including organic solutions.

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