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    Summer Weather! Remove Yard Waste and Landscape

    by Administrator 9. June 2016 09:00

    For a few weeks it looked like we skipped spring and went straight to summer!  A little bit of cool air hit the great Cincinnati area and it may have put your landscaping efforts at a halt (if you were ahead of the game and got started!)  Fortunately, it looks like the warmth has returned, so we wanted to follow up our seasonal clean up post from the fall, with our recommendations for spring and summer.

    Our Yard Waste Removal program is at the forefront of this.  Usually after the winter, a lot of debris can be laying throughout your yard.  This is especially true with the recent thunderstorms we’ve had, and those to come.  This can take away from the appeal of a yard, and make it more difficult to mow.  Not to mention, if there are sticks lying around your yard and you mow over them, this can really wear down the blade on your mower.  You can recycle your waste at our drop off sites in Clermont or Hamilton County.

    After your yard is cleared up and weeds have been pulled, you need to plant!  Pick up perennials, shrubs, trees and more at the Bzak garden center, and then top it off with mulch that is appealing and helpful to your plants.  We are certain we have one that you’ll love with over 10 different varieties!  Mulch can insulate and retain moisture, and therefore allow your plants to flourish.  It also breaks down to add organic material that will complete landscaping efforts.  Don’t forget to spread Preen (a pre-emergent herbicide) at the same time you put your mulch down to keep weed seeds from germinating.

    All of this sounds like a lot of work, right?  Some people love doing yard work and that’s great!  For those who dislike yard work or just don’t have the time, Bzak can handle the work for you.  If you’re thinking of doing anything in your yard, Bzak can likely do it.  If you want to find out, visit our main website!  You can also visit our newest location at 1213 US Highway 50.  We’re hopeful that Bzak can provide you with the products and services to make your yard as beautiful as ever this spring and summer.

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