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    Winter Landscaping Preparation-Damage Prevention

    by Administrator 1. December 2015 15:25

    Once the ground freezes, many assume that the landscape can be neglected. However, it is best to take advantage of the late Fall and Winter months in order to prepare for spring and prevent winter damage. During November, December and January, homeowners can apply animal control products, water and treat evergreen trees and shrubs.

    During the winter months, you may notice some animal damage. Deer eating foliage, rabbits girdling tree trunks, and voles eating the roots out from under shrubs and perennials all can be more damaging than any winter storm. We recommend wrapping the trunks of young trees and shrubs with tree guards (hard plastic mesh) to prevent animals from chewing scraping antlers on them. An alternative (or addition) to fencing is spraying vulnerable plants with one of the many scent and taste repellent sprays available at most garden centers.

    It is important the broad-leaf evergreens, such as cherry laurel, boxwood, rhododendron, azaleas, pragence viburnum and holly have adequate soil moisture during the winter months. Evergreens keep losing moisture through their leaves all winter, because they do not drop their leaves in the fall. Needled evergreens, such as spruce, fir and pine, also need moisture through the winter months, but not as much as broad-leaf evergreens.

    Don’t put away that hose too quickly! To add moisture back into the evergreen plants, take advantage of the warmer days and water your evergreen trees and shrubs. Bzak recommends spraying evergreens with anti-transpirants. These are resin, latex or wax sprays, such as Wilt-Pruf, that coat leaves and block their openings in an effort to slow winter moisture loss. Bzak Garden Center has Wilt-Pruf readily available for retail and wholesale customers.  We hope to see you there soon!