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    Types of Mulch-How They Are Sold

    by Administrator 27. July 2015 10:59

    When buying new mulch for your yard it is important to make sure you understand what you’re buying and how much you will need. At Bzak our team of experts is here to help you pick out the mulch you’re picturing in you head.

    Mulch comes in multiple shades, colors and textures.  When choosing the color of your mulch you’re going to want to pick something that will compliment the color of your home and go well with the plants and landscaping that are in place.

    Our mulch is available in dyed color options such as black, brown or red.  On the other hand we have natural colors like cedar and oak. Along with a variety of colors, there are options on the size of your mulch which can be determined by shredding it once, twice, three times or even wood chips.

    To get some ideas flowing, our portfolio page exhibits many mulching and other landscaping jobs Bzak has done in the greater Cincinnati area.  It’s a great way to get the process started, and to find certain things you like and dislike.

    Once you decide on the color and size of your mulch the next step is to figure out how much you need. At Bzak you have a couple of options when ordering. We have bagged mulch that is 2 cubic feet and a yard of mulch that is 27 cubic feet, or 14 bags.  We do wholesale too!  Call us today or visit our garden center to identify your needs for color, texture and quantity, and bring your yard to life with some fresh mulch!