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    Flagstone Patio and Backyard Landscaping

    by Administrator 23. May 2014 14:42

    The Functional, Long-Lasting Beauty of the Flagstone Patio

    From rustic winding walkways to functional backyard hardscapes, the flagstone patio has long been a landscaping favorite--and for good reason. This natural stone has an organic beauty suited to contemporary as well as classic backyard design. While the stones themselves can be tricky to work with, when properly installed and sealed they can be impressively durable: resistant to rain and flooding damage as well as extreme freezing and hot weather conditions.

    The Perfect Solution for Practical Patio Spaces

    Natural durability, easy maintenance, and an effortlessly blended aesthetic makes the flagstone patio ideal for a variety of outdoor spaces. They are particularly welcome in areas that need to be able to accommodate high traffic and varied use. While wooden decks often need constant seasonal staining, careful rot and termite protection, and can pose serious fire hazard risks for backyard barbecues and fire pits, flagstone landscaping is easy to preserve and holds up well under constant use. Other backyard benefits of flagstone include:

    • A naturally textured surface that creates superior traction
    • Natural resistance to staining when well sealed
    • Reduced issues with water pooling and damage
    • Easy spot repair for patios, walkways, and drives

    No Substitute for Professional Experience

    Prior to installation flagstone can be quite difficult to work with. It is a good idea to employ the aid of professional landscapers who have experience with this heavy and often awkward material. Having your flagstone patio professionally installed will also ensure that your new backyard space is completely level, fully weatherized, and perfectly laid out. At Bzak Landscaping we can help you to design and install the perfect patio for your unique backyard space, complementing your existing home and landscaping.

    Creating Your New Backyard Retreat

    Whether you are looking to transform your current backyard space or you would like to get your next construction project picture perfect, Bzak Landscaping can help you come up with a creative, functional, and long-lasting design as well as assist with every aspect of installation. Give us a call today to learn more about our unique approach to complete landscaping design and maintenance.