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    What is a Hardscape?

    by Administrator 6. December 2013 14:24

    What is a Hardscape?

    When landscaping professionals mention a "hardscape," they're referring to the inanimate elements of the landscape. This can include woodwork, retaining walls, stone or brickwork, and other elements that aren't related to plant life (for example). It can even include the patio, deck, outside bar, water fountains... well, you get the idea. The landscape itself is sometimes referred to as the "softscape."

    Hardscapes aren't limited to residential projects. They can even refer to commercial sidewalks, roadways and other paved areas.

    About Bzak's Hardscape Services

    We offer one of the greatest selections of pavers and retaining wall material in the Cincinnati area! We use only the highest quality natural stone in the area. Whether you want to do it yourself or you want us to do it for you, count on us. We offer hardscape design, installation and the expert knowledge of our staff to make your project go smoothly. We'll work with you to make your hardscape a dream come true.

    We distribute pavestone and reading rock. We have the ability to deliver all materials for 400 square feet or less all in one truck. If you are interested in purchasing materials or patio or paver design work, please contact Jeff Sena at 513-831-0907 extension 222.