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    Snow Removal Services

    by Administrator 26. November 2013 18:42

    Snow Removal Services in Cincinnati with Bzak

    We really do do it all... we even offer snow removal services. We plow driveways, patios and sidewalks (as well as commercial lots)!

    Even if there is a snow emergency in Cincinnati, we can come help. Snow removal is always a pain, but it doesn't have to be if you hire a snow removal service. We can usually come quite quickly after you call, and we will always let you know the estimated time of arrival.

    We can:

    • Shovel
    • Plow
    • Salt
    • Spread calcium chloride

    Snow Removal Services

    Don’t let the snow or ice keep you stuck inside, and don’t worry about straining your back from shoveling and plowing that heavy snow from your driveway. We want to help! Call us today to get a fast & easy snow removal quote, and remove one more stress from your life this winter and during the busy holiday season. We also sell calcium chloride at our garden center in Milford, directly north of Cincinnati. We are located at 931 Round Bottom Rd, right off of both 275 and route 50.

    Just a friendly reminder

    Many Hamilton County residents don't know that it's the Hamilton County homeowner’s responsibility to clear the snow and ice on the sidewalks in front of their property. If a person or persons get injured on the sidewalks, the homeowner can be found liable for the injury in court. If you're interested in reading more about this ordinance, please click here.


    Houseplants that Look Like Small Trees

    by Administrator 7. November 2013 10:32

    Indoor Plants that Look Like Small Trees + How to Care for Them (A Guide)

    Indoor Palms

    In case you didn't know, indoor palm trees are one of the most popular (if not the most popular) type of houseplant around the world. They look majestic and add a look of flair to your apartment or home. When you go to buy a palm at a garden center, make sure you choose one that looks (and is!) healthy. Avoid palms with dead leaves, hints of stunted growth, and musty-smelling palms. You'll also want to check underneath the leaves for bugs (including the small "dots" that sometimes scatter across leaves... those are spider mites.) Avoid palms that have damaged leaves, or leaves that have holes in them. Finally, look at the roots. If they are coming out of the bottom of the pot, that's fine. That's simply a sign that it's still growing and will need repotted soon. 


    Another extremely popular choice is the indoor ficus. The ficus is a tropical plant, but can grow indoors. They can survive in low light conditions, but will thrive in full sunlight. Once you move the ficus to its primary location, don't move it again; this can cause the plant to lose its leaves. It should receive 12-13 hours of sunlight every single day. Purchase a plant light for use in the fall and winter. If leaves do show signs of browning, snip the twig off right away. When watering the ficus be sure to water it thoroughly and then wait until it's dry on the top inch of its soil before watering again. Watering a damp plant can lead to over-watering.


    The dracaena is a beautiful houseplant that can tolerate low lighting and low humidity. Not only that, but if you miss a day of watering, it will forgive you (just don't do it often!) Ideally, place the plant in moderate indirect sunlight and water it when the topsoil is dry. Fertilize the dracaena with a regular liquid houseplant fertilizer, and mix it according to instructions on package Fertilize it every two weeks in spring and summer, and every month in fall & winter.