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    Design and Build Your Own Landscape

    by Administrator 15. October 2013 13:57

    Bzak can help you design and build your own custom landscape design! So where do you start?

    We'd suggest starting by looking at sample landscape design ideas both within our portfolio gallery and by doing a simple internet search for even more ideas.

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    After looking through the portfolios and galleries, we suggest writing down every design element you liked and then comparing it to your own property. Separate the list into "needs" and "wants" and set up a minimum and maximum budget.

    Consider these elements when setting up a landscape design plan:

    • Do you want a family patio where everyone can gather and eat?
    • Do your children need a play space?
    • If you have a pool, do you need a re-design of the poolside area?
    • Do you need an area with more shade?
    • What do you want as the "focal point" of the design?
    Here are some general tips:
    • Start small. Watch and/or read blogs, home & garden magazines, and consult a landscaping design company.
    • Keep an open mind, and don't choose something on a whim. If you do that, you might fall out of love with it and begin hating it after a while.
    • Stay within budget.
    • Realize that landscape design does take some work. Even after it's installed, you're going to either have the landscaping company do regular maintenance, or have to devote a good amount of time re-potting, watering, laying down mulch, etc.


    Deadly Carnivorous Plants

    by Administrator 11. October 2013 11:45

    #1 - The Infamous Venus Flytrap

    If you asked someone for an example of a carnivorous plant, they'd probably say "Venus Flytrap." That's because the way the flytrap works is just cool - it can fold its flaps inward to actually catch its prey, which is then used for nutrition (but not for its energy. That's what photosynthesis is for.) Its diet might include flies, but flies aren't the #1 type of insect it eats. The flytrap feeds very selectively, actually choosing to eat more ants and certain spiders over anything else. It also eats grasshoppers and beetles on occasion. Less than 5% of its feed consists of flying insects. I suppose whomever gave this plant its common name should have done more research!

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    #2 - The "Pitfall Plant," Nepenthes

    This plant has many different types - over 130 different species of it have been discovered, in fact, spread throughout all of Asia. It has many nicknames - from the pitfall plant, the pitcher plant and "monkey cups." People call it monkey cups because monkeys have been seen drinking water from them. Most of the species of nepenthes tend to only trap insects, but the bigger types will even catch and digest small mammals such as mice.

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    The Sundew Plants (Drosera spatulata)

    Another type of carnivorous plant many people know about (because of its usefulness) is the drosera sundew plants, with over 194 species. Many are known for trapping and digesting fruit flies with their glands. The insects supplement their diet, and they are needed to release minerals into the dirt in which they grow in. 

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    The Pinguicula gigantea

    This simple-looking (but pretty) genus of plants would look a lot prettier if it didn't have bugs swarming all over it! Gnats are caught by this type of plant en masse due to its sticky leaves.



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