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    Shade Friendly Plants and Flowers

    by Administrator 20. May 2013 15:07

    Plants and Flowers that Grow Well in the Shade

    If you have a shady backyard garden covered with bushes and trees don’t fear: we’ve put together a list of colorful plants and flowers that thrive in the shade. Keep in mind that most of these plants and flowers actually do like the shade more than the sun—don’t put them in direct sunlight.

    1. Amethyst flower – a star-shaped annual flower that can take on the colors of purple, blue or even white. These flowers fit well in hanging baskets and love filtered sunlight or shady locations.

    2. Begonia – a vibrant-colored flower that will spruce up any garden. This flower grows best in rich, moist soil and of course, in the shade.

    3.Creeping Jenny – this perennial plant has burgeoning round leaves and looks great as an accent to flowers in a hanging basket. It’s very easy to grow as long as it has filtered sunlight to help it expand.

    4. Flowering Maple – this shrub has ‘maple’ in its name for a reason: it resembles maple leaves. Partial shade is recommended for this plant. It can thrive in even the hottest temperatures.

    5. Garden Hydrangea – a huge flowering shrub that resembles several clumped flowers to create the illusion of a ball. Make sure that you have enough space to let the garden hydrangea grow – it’ll need it.

    6. Meadow Rue – this beautiful yet small flower flows down like it’s going to kiss the earth. It thrives in the shade and will start blooming in the summertime.

    7. Persian Shield – an exotic shrub that cascades out much like a fern and comes in many different colors. The Persian shield is great as an accent plant.

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     Above: Hydrangea


    Animal Resistant Plants

    by Administrator 13. May 2013 13:36

    Top 10 Rabbit and Deer-Resistant Plants and Shrubs
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    It doesn’t matter how well-maintained your garden is if deer, rabbits and other small critters won’t leave it alone. If you have a deer or rabbit problem, you might want to check out our top 10 critter-resistant plants and shrubs guide below. There are also products that can discourage critters from eating your plants, nibbling at your trees, and destroying your shrubs—check out our garden center to find some.

    Keep in mind that the diets of deer and rabbits can change depending on season and availability of food. It’s hard to predict what they will eat, but the plants below are a few of the greenery that we have found to be undesirable to them.

            1.       Veronica – best known by its purple color and spiky, spiraling head, Veronica is a flower that will stay in bloom all summer long.

            2.       Daylily – Daylilies vary by color and form, and they are perennial plants. The name Hemerocallis (daylily's genus name) comes from the Greek words "day" and "beautiful".

            3.       Ferns – Surprisingly, rabbits don’t tend to like ferns. Ferns grow best in shady, wet woodland areas.

            4.       Sage – also called salvia, sage is a perennial and evergreen shrub. Throughout history, the common name “sage” has been used to categorize many different plants that have nothing in common.

            5.       Foxglove – this plant is best known for its unique bell-shaped form and pison. Although this plant is deer-resistant, it has been known to attract bees and hummingbirds. Most animals will not eat it because it’s highly toxic. It is not recommended to grow this plant near children, elderly, or pets; and it is not recommended to keep it inside the home.

            6.       Lavender – this plant is usually grown for its ornamental look and culinary purposes. Oils are often times extracted from lavender and used for sale.

            7.       Allium – this plant isn’t very well known, but it takes the form of a spiked flower – and it is extremely deer, rabbit, and squirrel-resistant.

            8.       Butterfly bush – also known as Buddleja, this plant will attract butterflies but keep critters at bay.

            9.       Holly – holly best known around Christmas time, and is usually left alone due to its poisonous properties.

           10.   Lamb’s Ear – this unique-looking plant is ornamental in most gardens and is very easy to grow. Animals tend to dislike lamb’s ears.


    Low Maintenance Plants

    by Administrator 13. May 2013 13:30

    Top 5 Plants that Require Little Maintenance and are Hard to Kill

    Gardeners are faced with many challenges to keep plants and flowers sprouting and healthy – droughts, floods, animals, insects and frost can all get in the way. While a dying plant can sometimes not be avoided, there are a few plants that seem to last through almost anything – and they’re beautiful, too!

    1.      Cosmos. These flowers are big & beautiful, and last pretty much year-round. They can even grow up to six feet tall. Cosmos is an annual flower.

    2.      Daylily. Daylilies are classic flowers that can live through drought, flooding, and fluctuation in temperature. They're also very easy to grow and seed. These flowers can do well in the sun or partial shade.

    3.      Lavender. This flower is very drought-resistant, and is said to help with restlessness. Lavender is known for its fragrant scent and stunning purple color.

    4.      Moss Rose. Not only is this flower easy to grow and care for, but it’s also drought-resistant. Moss Rose comes in a large variety of vibrant colors and is an annual, meaning it’ll bloom from summer through fall.

    5.      Hosta. Hosta is easy to grow in the shade and is inexpensive. Although they aren’t drought-resistant, they are hard to kill. Be careful to not over-water them. Hosta is an elegant, low maintenance flower.